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Clients: Health Care Financing Administatration

A Consultant to Health Care Financing Administration

We are consultants who specialize in econometric and statistical analysis. We use TPL Tables because it allows us to process extremely large data sets quickly and produce publication quality tables with a limited number of formatting commands. In addition, we use it to generate output to be used with other statistical analysis packages such as SPSS.

We completed a project for HCFA in which we used some national household health survey data. The data sets we used were fairly large, up to 189 megabytes in size. We did our initial investigative statistical analysis in TPL Tables, and generated output which was used in the subsequent analysis done in SPSS. For our final report, we created nice looking tables using TPL Tables which we saved as encapsulated PostScript files and imported into our Word for Windows document.

(Sample table in Graphics, View and Acrobat Reader formats.)


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