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TPL Tables

TPL Tables is a powerful cross tabulation system used for analysis and formatting of surveys and other data. TPL Tables is a proven product.

BulletFor the Analyst the new TPL Tables for Windows adds TPL Table Builder, a drag and drop way to create and modify table requests interactively. In addition, using TED you can edit almost any feature of your PostScript table output interactively…without going back through your data.

Bullet For the Table Publisher the formatting capabilities of the new TPL Tables for Windows allow you to quickly move data into table format for publication…even if you don't want to do any data processing.

BulletFor the Web Publisher the HTML output option in TPL Tables allows you to create tables in HTML format for use on the web and to move output into spreadsheets and other software that use data in HTML format.

BulletFor the Production User the new TPL Tables for Windows adds a script language for batch jobs so that you can use a PC Windows-based system to run repetitive production jobs.

The operating systems on which various TPL software products are available are listed under Enterprise Solution. Other versions can be made available.

Related products include:

View lets customers/clients view the PostScript output of TPL Tables.

TPL-SQL is an add-on that lets you read the data in your SQL database.

TPL Report is a report writer that helps you mine the details from data records meeting certain criteria…criteria that you might have previously used in a cross tabulation to create a table.

TPL Convert lets you convert BLS TPL codebooks and IBM mainframe data for use with TPL Tables.


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