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Products: TPL Report

TPL Report

TPL Report is a versatile report writer that lets you quickly create sophisticated reports. The report builder lets you take a detailed look at your data, while the report formatter allows you to design great looking reports. It's also very handy as a file manipulation utility.

Report Builder

TPL Report lets you choose the variables to be displayed as columns in the report and the order in which you want the columns to appear. For quick results, you can request a report of all variables or a report of all variables except certain ones. Report builder features include: 

Bullet Sorting -- Sort your report on one or more variables in either ascending or descending order.
Bullet Arithmetic -- Use arithmetic to calculate new variables. Specify formulas to be calculated only if your conditions are met. Choose from the basic operators plus exponentiation, absolute value and square root.
Bullet Totals -- Include grand totals and subtotals for any or all columns.
Bullet Selecting -- Prepare reports using subsets of your data file. Selection can be based on data values, record numbers or percentages of your file. Combine logical and arithmetic tests. String tests together with and's and or's.
Bullet Recoding -- Replace values with new values or combinations of values and labels. Group values into categories.

Report Formatter

TPL Report goes beyond its basic report format by giving you control over the appearance of your report. Report formatter features include: 

Bullet Reports -- Set column widths, specify the placement and size of lines, split wide reports into sections on the same page, and combine separate reports onto the same page.
Bullet Labels -- Assign descriptive print labels as report titles, variable labels and value labels. Labels can include spaces, upper and lower case letters and special characters. You can specify alignment, select from a variety of type styles and sizes, and choose the break point for multiline labels.
Bullet Data -- Control the format of the data printed in report cells. Choose the number of decimal places, include currency signs and percent symbols, specify alignment, and select from a variety of type styles and sizes.

File Maker

TPL Report is a powerful tool that you can use to manage your data files. You can merge data from many similar files into one file. Cut down large data files by pulling out only specific rows or columns. Export reports as data files for use with other software.


Here are some examples of the great-looking reports you can create with TPL Report. You can view each of the three examples as a graphic file or with either View (Windows) or the Adobe Acrobat Reader (variety of operating systems). Note that, when viewing reports in View, the spacing of characters may be imperfect if you do not have the same fonts as those used to produce the reports.

Both View and the Acrobat Reader are free and can be downloaded from the Web.

View as a Graphic file
Report 1(Page 1 only) ||| Report 2 ||| Report 3

View with View
Report 1 ||| Report 2 ||| Report 3

View with Acrobat Reader
Report 1 ||| Report 2 ||| Report 3



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