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Products: TPL SQL


TPL-SQL is an add-on module that allows some versions of TPL Tables and TPL Report to read data directly from your SQL database. It eliminates the need for you to first extract the data from the database before creating tables or reports. Don't worry. You don't need to know SQL commands. TPL automatically generates the SQL request and extracts only the data it needs. If you use TPL products and SQL databases, you should have TPL-SQL.

ODBC Interface for Windows Version

With the new ODBC interface, the Windows version of TPL Tables now lets you read data directly from SAS, SPSS and other databases that have ODBC drivers. Examples of other databases are Sybase, Oracle, MS Access and SQL Server. The TPL Codebook Builder makes use of the data descriptions stored in the database to help you build a TPL Codebook (data description) interactively. User instructions can be found in the Codebook Builder Help section of Help.

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