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View is a free Windows program that you can use to display TPL-created PostScript tables and reports on the screen and print them using Windows printer drivers. This means that you can look at your TPL PostScript output on the screen without printing it. Since you can use the Windows printer drivers, you can get the benefit of the extended PostScript formatting features without having a PostScript printer. For instance, with View you can display tables and reports that include color and print them on small, inexpensive color printers such as ink jets.

You can also use View as a helper application with your Web browser to view TPL-created PostScript tables or reports that are referenced on a Web page.

Ted is program with all of the capabilities contained in View plus several others. It is installed with TPL Tables for Windows. So if you install TPL Tables, you probably don't need View. View is a standalone program which you can freely distribute to people who wish to view your tables but have not purchased a copy of TPL Tables for Windows.

Download View

Click here to download the latest version of View.

You may distribute copies of View free of charge (for non-commercial purposes only).

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